Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kid Friendly Halloween Treat

I saw these little pumpkins on a blog, but when I tried to do it like her I failed miserably, so I had to change up the process a bit. They turned out pretty cute and my kids got to pass them out to their friends. Who in turn devoured them.
I didn't have orange melting chocolates, but I reccomend them since the most time consuming part was trying to make the right color of orange with the chocolates.
I used about half a pkg. of oreos and 1 1/2 pkg of melting chocolates
First I dipped one side in then let that dry then dipped the other side
When they started drying I filled in the little gaps and added a little pretzel piece to the top with some extra chocolate.
after they dried I piped some green leaves on, the one I first saw had a green ribbon tied around it. Since they were for the kids I wasn't quite as worried about presentation as you can tell.

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