Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Prime Rib Hash

Once again I would like to apologize for my lack of posting. The summer is really kicking my butt, I hope you enjoy this meal.

For Mother's Day Stephen made a wonderful Prime Rib for me. With all the leftovers I was able to make one of my favorite meals. Hash- usually I make it with leftover ham but what could be better than Prime Rib.

The thing I love about my moms has is she always serves it with a fried egg on top- the absolute best way to eat it.

First I sliced up some onions and bell pepper( any kind will do)
Cut all the meat into bite size pieces
I was even able to use the leftover potatoes from dinner as well.
Usually I just slice up some potatoes and fry them up.
Add it all together. Make sure to add the meat last so it doesn't cook to much- all it really needs to do is heat up.
Place a fried egg on top- poke it to let the yolk out
add some ketchup and a little horseradish

and you got yourself one mighty fine meal.

Prime Rib Hash
( can be substituted for Ham)

Slice up some potatoes real thin, add some garlic salt and pepper and fry in some olive oil.
Add sliced peppers and onion cook till tender.
Add meat last and heat through.
Top with a fried egg and serve with ketchup ( horseradish if you like)

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