Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dad's Favorite Cake

Once I got married and started inviting my dad over to eat, he told me I needed to learn Grandmas Flour Frosting Cake. He picks this for every special occasion.

It took me awhile to perfect it- with many phone conversations and in person tutorials from my Grandma. But it has all been worth it. I made one for my father in law once and now he is hooked ( requesting one for birthdays and anniversary presents! )

The cake isn't hard considering it comes from a box- but the frosting is a bit tricky. If you have ever had flour frosting you will know it is a totally different experience. Rich and light as air. Also full of shortening so beware!

Start with a chocolate cake
make per directions then put in 2 round cake pans
I like to use tin foil for easy clean up and to prevent sticking - I even grease the tin foil a bit just to be on the safe side
Bake per pkg. instructions then let cool while finishing the frosting

I start the flour frosting once the cake goes in the oven so that it has time to cool to room temp.
On the stovetop you
mix 1 c. milk, 4 Tbsp. flour - cooking over medium heat until thick
- stir almost constantly with a wisk to keep from clumps forming and burning.
Once thick set aside on counter to cool to room temp. This should be done by the time your cake is done cooling.
Once mixture is cooled
Cream 1/2 cup Margarine/Butter, 1/2 cup crisco , 1 cup sugar , 1 tsp vanilla
Make sure your cream very well at least 7 min. - trying to eliminate the sugar granules

Add flour mixture to sugar mixture
Then beat until fluffy
I always cut the bottom cake to get it as flat and even as possible.
My husband then turned those pieces into a little "Snack"
Then begin to frost making sure you get a good amount in the middle. Don't be shy I always end up with a little frosting leftover so go for it.

While this cake is truly Heavenly it is quite a mess to clean up with all that shortening So enjoy!

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