Tuesday, March 8, 2011


While watching DDD I saw this concoction called an Arepa - a Venezuelan english muffin with a Venezuelan Chicken salad inside, aka reina pepiada. Well it was love at first sight. It looked pretty simple and easy though it was a little more work than I bargained for.( worth it!) On the show they used chicken breast that they had roasted and since I wanted it to be authentic I decided it was time to roast my First chicken! That's right I have never roasted a bird before chicken or turkey. I gotta say I was pretty nervous, turns out I didn't need to be. It was super simple and turned out perfecto! I found out everything I needed to know about cooking the bird from this website.
I have never cared much for the skin of a bird but oh man me and the kids were fighting over it, and the meat too!

I cooked the bird ahead of time and then separated the breasts from the bird once it had cooled completely.
After that I diced both breasts
added generous amounts of mayo, dijon mustard and worchestire sauce, salt and pepper
then diced 3 avacados
then mixed it all together, works best to use your hands

Now it came time for the Arepa- I had no idea how to make one so I searched the web and came across this blog that went through it step by step with someone who KNEW how to make them. Normally I would explain how I made it but her instruction were so good and worked great that I want you to use hers. But please follow the instructions perfectly.

Now the end of this tale is happy. I made, we ate and EVERYONE loved! Yes I mean it everyone loved these. My husband told me I will need to make them again exactly the same! ( that is big for him since usually he has one or two thing I could change or improve upon the food)


  1. Was this restaurant in D.C??? If it is the one we watched it too and we are going to DC this weekend and totally going to try it!!! Can't wait!

  2. Ya know I don't remember, but if you find them you better let me know!


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