Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jello Slices

As soon as I saw these cute things on Pinterest I knew I had to make them. I was worried they might be more than I bargained for but they were actually pretty simple. The kids loved them and had so much fun eating them.

First Hollow out the fruit of your choice.
I used lemons and oranges.
( My kids tried helping me with these but only Jackson my 7 yr. old was capable enough to accomplish the task)
Make your jello.
I used 8 oranges and 8 lemons and used 4 boxes of jello

Make sure they are pushed together enough that they are level when you pour in the jello.
Carefully put it in the fridge. It only took about 3 hours to set up and then I sliced them. Using a small serrated knife.

1 comment:

  1. THat is sooo cute!! Can't wait to try it! Did you do anything fun with the orange and lemon fillings??


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