Monday, April 18, 2011

The Perfect Omelette

I have never made an Omelette, mainly because I am not a huge fan. But for Conference Sunday I wanted to a special breakfast, I looked in the fridge and saw that i had a bunch of random stuff, cooked broccoli, tomatoes, sausage, green onions, spinach, cheese, red onion & avacados. So I thought I would give it a try, I also thought the kids would like the idea of getting to pick all their ingredients.

First things first I researched online how to make the perfect omelette. I found some 3 min. video tutorial which gave me enough information to work with.
Omelette toppings

Picking their omelette toppings- They absolutely loved doing this
After they picked their toppings each of them got to help me make it
The only thing about doing a bunch of omelette's is the time, it takes about 5 min. or so and you can only do one at a time.

Start off with 3 eggs beat heavily then add salt and pepper

Add some butter or grease to the pan ( I used the drippings from the sausage)

Burner at med to med low
Pour the eggs in with the toppings
Then move it around a little bit getting the cooked eggs moved around
Then let it set making sure there are no holes, if there are fill it in with the eggs
On most of them I didn't use a lid but you can if you want it more cooked on top, I like it a little "wet" plus it continues to cook after you pull it off
When it is done enough for you then flip it in half and slide it on to a plate
Top however you want
We prefer avacados and the Duck- El Pato

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