Thursday, February 18, 2010


If there is anyone still out there who hasn't been to Sauce, you NEED to go!
First time I went I fell in love with it, the place is very NY chic- you go and order and then find a table. Their menu consists of pizzas, pasta, salad and sandwiches.
I will start with the pizza. They are thin crust, yet chewy ( which I love) my 2 favorites are the "Chicken Caesar Salad" pizza, which is just like it sounds, salad on a pizza. It is yummy and super filling ( plenty to share). Their chicken which is in most of their dishes is so good, it's shredded and tender. My other favorite is the "Sausage and Carmelized Onion" pizza. It is sooo sweet and juicy. Oh how I love this one. ( I am definitely going to attempt making this at home)
Next is the pasta, I have only tried the "Chicken and Broccoli, which comes with the big shell noodles and sauce that they use in their "Mac & Cheese" (which is also great). It is really good, even my kids were gobbling it up.

Lastly their Salads, my favorite is the "Chicken, Pine Nut & Gorgonzola" salad ( I have also substituted mozzarella balls for the gorgonzola before and that is perfecto) This salad is very filling and has so many great flavors plus their isn't a lot of dressing and it doesn't need it.

They have their lunch special right now from 11-4 which is $7.50 for a drink and 2 meals of either soup/salad/pasta. They are smaller portions but it is still a ton of food. I went today with my husband and we shared a lunch special between us and our 2 littlest ones and were stuffed.

This place is also not to expensive most everything is under $10 and I always go with someone and share. I hope this little spiel has convinced you to try it. Happy Eating!


  1. I do love Sauce! I really like the chicken broccoli pizza, i've never tried the caramelized onion one, but it sounds so good! Lee hates onions so I'll have to go with you instead of him to get it :) And you didn't mention how yummy the roll is that you get with the salad!

  2. Yeah I forgot about the roll, I love it!


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