Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thank Goodness for Blogs!!

Last night around 7, I was checking some of my favorite blogs, while my husband was cooking a pizza in the oven. When I checked one of my favorite cooking blogs Becoming Betty where Rachel had just put up a post about this little "backyard" restaurant. Talking about the great carne asada tacos, just like the ones from the little stands in Mexico. Now I LOVE little tacos like that, one of my favorites places is a little stand at the Alley's in Cali.

So I started telling my husband about it since I knew he would totally be into it too. Well not only was he INTO it, but he got up and said "k I am going, you want some". Ummm, we were cooking dinner so no. But he didn't seem to care, he had the itch and he decided to scratch. So long story short. He went, We Got and We LOVED!
We tried all three kinds and they were all to die for. The sides were the best and they came free. This whole meal was $11 and we were STUFFED! I think they are each about $1.50.

(This is an insert from her original post)
They are open on Friday and Saturday nights starting at 6:30pm. They serve carne asada tacos, carne asada quesadillas, and carne asada gorditas. They also have these amazing sauces to put on top.

No rice and beans. No chips and salsa. Just amazing carne asada.

*Directions: Go north on Stapley from Southern. Turn left on 8th. (First light after Southern). Take first left on Spencer. (Tree blocking sign). It's the first house on the left with white, metal, decorative fence. Find a place to park (good luck) and walk right into the backyard. Rueben will take your order. See you there!

If you went to Mesa High it is right behind M&M, which I know all you jackrabbits know where that is.

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  1. Im obsessed with this place! I honestly felt like I was in mexico..I went once and have been craving it since! I wish it was open during the week too! Im definitely going back on saturday! and Rueben is bomb! He gave me free horchata and flan :)


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