Monday, March 1, 2010

A Meal For 10 Under $10!

This past week while shopping I asked the butcher if he had any pork shoulder, he informed me that he did but if I wasn't planning on cooking tonight, that it would be on sale the next day for $.99/lb. ( the roast ended up being less than $4)
So I planned one of my favorite meals.
Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Corn on the Cob
I also had some fantastic Buns from Sprouts that my neighbors gave us, Score again.

First thing I did was place this Fine piece of meat on top of a bed of sliced onions. Then I seasoned it up with some salt and pepper, threw in about a cup of water and let 7 hours in a crock pot do the rest.
While that was cooking I boiled up some fine looking corn.
I also made a little extra since I had some last minute guests.
Here is what the pork looked like after I shredded it up and De-fatted it ( I think that is a word).

I decided not to cook it in bbq sauce, since my favorite place to get pulled pork sammy's is Joes BBQ and they serve theirs plain and then you add sauce. I also feel like you can really taste the flavor of the meat, instead of Just the sauce.
Then I got some Yummy sauce ( pick whichever you like best). I prefer Joe's sauce but didn't have time to go and get it, so I settled for my second favorite which is Sweet Baby Rays. Then I toasted up a lightly buttered bun(Joe's style) and served it up.

The end result was an A++. The flavor of the meat was perfect and it was oh so juicy, I also loved the onions in with it as well.
So if you are looking for a cheap meal to feed a lot, head on over to Safeway and pick up a pork roast. Hurry quick tomorrow is the last day, and I just picked up 3 more myself.

I also sliced up some strawberries and powdered sugar to go along with it. Yummy right?


  1. Bought my pork shoulder tonight. Can't wait to make this tomorrow! Thanks for the tip off on the sale.

  2. CRYSTAL -I am loving this!! You and I have very similar taste in food - keep it coming!

  3. Thanks Ali, always excited to hear someone likes my blog!


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