Thursday, March 11, 2010

Late Night Munchies

I am normally not a huge ice cream person, it is almost never what I crave.
On the other hand I have a Rabid Sweet Tooth, once I get the inkling for something sweet I can't stop. I will search high and low, and make whatever needs to be made.
The other night we had no baked goods in the house and it was pretty late so I went to the freezer and saw there was a little bit of ice cream left. So I made myself a bowl. While I may not have ice cream a whole lot, when I do I like it with chips. I prefer Ruffles plain but Cheddar Ruffles works just as great.
My dad always ate his ice cream this way and I obviously inherited the trait.
I have always been all about the Sweet with the Salty, and it doesn't stop with Ice Cream!

I plead with you to please try this tasty treat, you may be surprised with how good it is!


  1. OH my are so weird! You do always mix sweet with salty, but how about something else salty with ice cream like nuts??

  2. It's just wrong. But for some reason I really want to try this.

  3. Hey I am serious I think you will like it. Who hasn't put fries in their shake, everyone does it!


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