Monday, April 19, 2010

Easter Goodness

Easter is one of my favorite holidays for many reasons

I especially enjoyed this holiday since we were able to listen to the prophet speak on Easter Sunday. Only problem was that I had a little trouble with my "Roll" making, for the 2 dinners I was attending and I wasn't able to sit down and enjoy it as much.
I told you I am still learning the ways of the "Yeast"
Reading this you already know that I have an extreme LOVE of Food! Well I have also passed this down to my daughter as well.
She spent the first part of the morning hiding in a room stuffing candy into her face as fast as she could! It reminds me of myself as a child.
So onto the Food. I decided to try a new roll recipe for my Easter dish. I thought I would just Double the batch and make it for both of our families.
Well things did not go as planned- I think maybe it was that I didn't have enough time to let the dough rise properly before I had to start baking them.
So I only got enough for 1 family- so I had to start all over again after we got through with lunch!

But regardless of my troubles the Rolls were fantastic. I did 2 separate takes on the Lion House Roll recipe that I got from here . You make the recipe for her Lion House Rolls and then turn them into Orange Rolls.
Now I don't really like Orange rolls ( since the one time when I was in HS and ate so many that I threw up) but I am trying to gradually ease back into them. This seemed like the perfect recipe to do that.
The were extremely easy, beautiful, and divine. Thought I am glad I did both the normal rolls and orange rolls, since we had just eaten the cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Which are basically the same things as the orange rolls!

Here is the wonderful spread my mom had for us.
My grandma made an Out of this World Potato Salad. The BEST I have ever had. I will have to get the recipe from her. ( secret ingredient her homemade pickles)
My brother and his wife gave us this super cute basket of goodies for Easter filled with Trader Joe's delectables.

These eggs were To Die for.
I went back to get more but they were all out.
They blow the Reeses Eggs out of the water. I am hooked for life and can't wait till next season when I get to enjoy all this great food once again.

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