Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rice Patty's

Awhile ago my mom told me about this "breakast rice thingy" her friend had made her.
A leftover rice meal with cinnamon and eggs. Growing up when we had leftover rice my mom would heat it up in the morning with some warm milk and cinnamon.
I liked it to a point, but it was a little too mushy for my taste and over time I stopped liking it. So when I heard about this I was excited to try it. Now I didn't have the "exact" recipe, but I think he just threw it together himself with no real recipe. So this is what I imagined it to be.

Leftover rice ( the stickier the better), I warm it up a little bit so it mixes easier. Add a couple of eggs a dash of milk, or cream, or even buttermilk will work. Then add some cinnamon- to you liking.

form it into a pattie- mine never felt that tight but when they cook they formed up nicely.
and put it in a saute pan with some butter- i like to pat mine down flat so I get more crunchy surface area.

Then top it with some Homemade Buttermilk syrup and you've got yourself a super Yummy breakfast and no wasted leftover rice!
I really enjoyed it as did my kids, it was crispy and rich and hey anything topped with Buttermilk syrup Rocks!
So I say give it a try at least once, you might surprise yourself.

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